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1st post in ages. Not a sign ill be back

It's been ages... Things have moved along far since I last decided to post.

The reason im posting is because yesterday nick, alisa and I went for a run around the lake. I rolled my ankle after about 3kms, meant I had to walk the last 2kms. Funnily enough it made me walk past the the place where I was bottled. Made me dredge up all the shitty memories that followed that night.


There its out. I'm done.


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This is a filtered journal :) 

Almost everything is public, almost. ;)


Project 80
many many men
Hello my LiveJournal friends.

I don't think i ever get tired of little projects, they come and they go, I'll get disinterested in one or crazy into another. 

Not for the first time, I'm on a health kick. 

This time however i'm trying to make myself more accountable for my actions by graphing my progess. 

It is currently 80 days until the 1st of November 2010.

My current weight is 88 kgs

My goal weight is 80 kgs

I've recently obtained an iPhone 4 and have discovered there are many apps to help you track your weight loss / gain. The one i'm using is called Targetweight. This nifty free app also informs me of my Body Mass Index which is:

Currently at: 27.8 kg per meters squared. Placing me in the middle of the "overweight" category (25-30) I want to get down to around 25.5 or so.

My plan is this, every 10 days lose 1 kg.

I feel this is very obtainable if I change my eating habits, namely the binge snacking.

I also intend on buying a new pair of joggers, and over the course of these 80 days I'll inform you of the distance that i've run. 



It has been a busy week, my spanish exam went well and i've already applied to begin my grad dip in education. More info later


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this is a big week!
This weekend is the state trials for the doubles teams. I've got a really good partner this year so hopefully we'll do well!

In the meantime i've got my final written spanish exam tomorrow morning, and the oral exam on thursday. The weighting is 50% and 20% respectively so I'm thinking i'll go ok.

we got thumped
I just woke up to get a drink of water and felt like I needed to get this out. 

I am a sore loser on the inside. Tonight / last night - whatever - we lost pool horribly, against a team that we get along with really well. I don't know what happened but we got thumped. I couldn't get a break on the table at all. I was missing shots by a few inches which just got me really worked up (at least on the inside) I ended up winning 1 game out of 4. We lost 6-18 all up. 

I don't like losing. I also don't like losing at a sport I'm good at.

Ah fuck.

There goes Australia's chance of qualification

The World Cup 2010
paolo celebrating
It's here.

Four years ago I was in Germany having the holiday of a life time.

Four years later on I'm sitting on my couch alone.

It doesn't matter where you are for this event. 

It is beautiful.

Tshirts and other clothing I like.
read this
 So there is threadless, which I'm a fan of but they seem to be producing a lot of poo shirts of late.

So by searching the web for specific content shirts I've come across quite a few that I like.

I've kinda bunched them into categories

Science and the Environment

Science vs Religion




And the horse you came in on.
300 sparta
I finished my degree. Holy shit eh?

I'm assuming that i'm going to pass all my subjects this semester, which means i'll graduate in september with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Conservation Ecology, Applied Ecology and Water Science. 

I think i'm going to get a little jipped though with the Majors, because i'll have done the subjects for them but due to having chopped and changed my degree around over the years all my subjects that are under different degrees are being transfered over to this degree as a block credit and may not actually appear as a major / minor. I'm more concerned about the fact that i'm finished though so its not too much of an issue.

So despite all this cause of celebration, i'm in quite a shitty mood today. i woke up this morning and checked to see if i'd gotten any marks back for any subjects and I see that I've got 1 assignment back from the Australian Waterways subject that I'm doing this semester, i check my mark and i've recieved 7/20. I was like what the fuck is this about?!! Turns out it's effectively "the bitch's last dig at me". A unit convener who I had a subject with last year didn't like the fact that I was assaulted and assumed that it was my own fault. I ended up dropping out of the subject because of this and she didn't seem too impressed with it. This semester I've had to go back and redo the same subject and after butting heads with her a bit she seems to have taken it out on my marks. The assignment wasn't fantastic but I sure as shit was expecting a mark >10.
Anyways, i'm sitting on 14/30 for that subject after i got 7/10 for a smaller assignment earlier. The next assignment is a peer review of effort, of which if i don't get 18/20 at least i'll be fucking furious. Then there is the final report worth 50% of the subject, I feel i did alright with that, I'd expect a credit for that one. So no real danger of failing this unit but fuck her and the fucking horse she came in on for feeling like she needed to have one last dig at me. 

This post was supposed to be a reflective one about the adventures of my uni career but I'm too worked up to do it properly. 


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