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A football loving stick wielding kick throwing hermit

Occasionally Out Numbered, Never Out Gunned

you may want to know...

  1. Male, 25
  2. I have a wonderful girlfriend who makes me happier than I can possibly describe.
  3. I study environmental science with an ever increasing appreciation that it is the "right thing to do"
  4. I may or may not admit to being a Subway Samich Artist.
  5. I enjoy motorbiking though i'm not a bike head.
  6. AC Milan, despite their best efforts, have not managed to drive me away! Black and red go together beautifully.
  7. Music is fundamental to a positive outlook on life.
  8. I've got a vague idea what I want to do after uni life but all of them involve deep space travel.
  9. Shows an aptitude towards cue sports – probably a sign of an ill spent youth
  10. My family used to say I was born an hour and a half before the whistle blew. The implication was I would only reach ordinary human levels of contentment after 90 minutes of football.
"Man this is comfortable but I mean don't you ever wish you were REALLY comfortable, like if we were Lords and had concubines" - Nick

The Prodigy. Like your favourite band....but better.